"The myth of autonomous man has been a long time falling."

Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice is a sweeping historical narrative illuminating the ideological underpinning of the world's oldest prejudice: the hatred of women. Acclaimed Irish author Jack Holland devoted the last years of his life to answering why men have persecuted the other half of the human race in cultures and eras that span all of history; from Ancient Greece and Rome, to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages; from Jack the Ripper to the Taliban.

The last of his books, "Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice" was slated for publication by Viking Penguin, America's largest publishing house. His editor was very keen to publish it until he died, when the company cruelly abandoned the book. His wife and daughter swore that they would find a publisher. Two years later, the venerable London house Constable & Robinson published it. Today it is available not only in English (both in paper and in ebook) but also in German, Spanish, Persian, Hungarian and soon Chinese.

Exquisitely written and exhaustively researched, Holland's last work has moved readers around the world. Much more than a catalogue of crimes, Misogyny vividly illustrates not just how women have suffered, but also how in subjugating them, men have suffered terribly as well.

"This should be required reading in secondary schools for all in the world and anyone actually interested in truly improving the human condition. Thanks to Mr Holland and his family." - Jacqueline Howard-Sachs, M.D. United States (2010)